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How to use F/Stops


How to use F/Stops To achieve an appropriate exposure, the major thing is to understand the f/stop scale. Part of the knowledge should include the way they work, how to change them, and their meanings. This knowledge provides clues to produce excellent images. In this article, there is detailed information about f/stop. All you need do is to […]

Composition „Beginners Guideline“

Composition „Beginners Guideline“ Here is an amusing old thing – composition! Many people are aware that the knowledge of composition helps photography. However, it is likewise, what does not require much attention. My feeling is that the perfect way of teaching an individual about composition is from the perspective where it’s an exercise aimed at training the […]

Camera „Beginners Guideline“

Camera „Beginners Guideline“When photographers start as beginners, they have the tendency to learn visually. However, there should be a more easy and improved way to begin photography. An infographic helps beginners to obtain knowledge on camera usage, I thought about an improved way to help them achieve the same.  Here is information that will make you […]