Photography & Videography

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What's in the course?

6 Modules – 32 Lessons – 3,5 hours in total


Module 1: DSLR Manual mode

Lesson 1: Shutter speed, Aperture & ISO – FREE LESSON AFTER REGISTRATION
Lesson 2: Balancing these 3 settings – FREE LESSON AFTER REGISTRATION
Lesson 4: Light metering
Lesson 5: Histogram & Exposure Compensation


Module 2: Golden rules of pictorial design
(theory + technique)

Lesson 1: Rule of thirds & Picture elements (Points, lines and structures)
Lesson 2: Composition
Lesson 3: White Balance
Lesson 4: Focus
Lesson 5: Focus Peaking
Lesson 6: Optimal use of RAW files
Lesson 7: These programs open your RAW-files
Lesson 8: New camera, old program? No problem.


Module 3: Hardware knowledge

Lesson 1: Sensors & Focal length
Lesson 2: Crop factor
Lesson 3: Lenses
Lesson 4: Flashes and lighting


Module 4: Videography

Lesson 1: From photography to Videography
Lesson 2: Frame rates and video formats
Lesson 3: Tripod and other equipment
Lesson 4: Zooming and focus
Lesson 5: Recording sound
Lesson 6: Post-production at a computer
Lesson 7: Pixels, image resolution, dpi and megapixels
Lesson 8: Filters (designs)
Lesson 9: Filters (Polarizing filter, ND filter, ...)
Lesson 10: Tripods


Now it’s time to introduce your Bonuses!

Bonus Module 1
Smartphone Photography

What would a good online course be without a good bonus?

Because we all love to take a snapshot quickly and easily with our smartphone, this course also teaches you what your smartphone camera can do. You'll also learn which apps and which software you need to create and edit your pictures the best and easiest way.

Bonus Module 2
Social Media Guide for Creatives

And because one bonus is not enough, here comes the second one!

Of course you want to earn money with your hobby at some point, like everyone else. Maybe that is even your big goal, which you strive for? Then this bonus module will help you and you will learn which marketing strategies work best as an artist.

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Special offer! 75% Discount!

Cameralust CameraCraft Video Online Course for Beginner

What Are Your Benefits?


Watch the lessons on your own schedule, anytime, anywhere on desktop or mobile device.

Boost Your Career

You want to make progress in your work as a photographer or videographer? This course shows you the right way.

The Perfect Gift

You want to make someone happy? You can easily give this video course as a gift to friends and family. At checkout you have the possibility to choose the gift option.

Very Low Costs 

This online video course gives you years of knowledge in just a few hours. You save many months and years of research and exploration by yourself. No subscription! Pay once, use forever.

Video Online Course

In this video online course we will go step by step. First of all we will deal with the basics of photography. These are essential for all further chapters in this course. Already mastered the basics by yourself? No problem, then start with the advanced modules in this course. This course ist not just for beginners!

After we have completed the subjects of photography, image design, image editing, software and hardware, we will enter the world of videography. Here you will learn all about how to film correctly, how to set everything up correctly, what all the terms mean, which equipment is important and how to use all this to your advantage. After all this you will be able to impress your friends and customers with your new skills!

And not to forget: At the end of the course you will learn how to best sell your new skills, what marketing channels there are and how to use them the best way possible.

You are new to the world of photography,
or would like to become a videographer and want to market yourself?

The way to become a photographer is a difficult one. No question about it. It is even more difficult to get into videography, because you need the basics of photography and in the end everything is different again anyway...

This is very frustrating for many of you who want to learn a new hobby, especially if you want to make money with it. You don't make any progress and you can't use your talent properly because you can't find the right answers to your questions and this limits you. In the internet technical understanding is explained in an incomprehensible way and you have to spend hours and hours to find the right answers.

You know this struggle? Do you feel addressed?

This is exactly where CameraCraft comes into play!

No more incomprehensible explanations. In this online video course you will learn the basics of photography in detail. With practical examples. Once you have understood all the basics, we go into more detail and move on to an advanced stage.

Before the 4th module deals with the topic of videography where you will get the complete know-how to become a great videographer, you will learn everything you need to know about hardware & equipment in module 3.

And because that is not enough, you get 2 bonus modules on top of that! In bonus module 1 you will learn how to shoot and film properly with your smartphone camera and which software you need. And in bonus module 2 you will learn how to market your talent as a photographer or videographer to earn money right away.

About The Course Teacher,
Chris Krüglstein

My name is Chris Krüglstein. I am the founder of Cameralust and will be your personal mentor through this Video Online Course.

I had the opportunity to work several times for customers like Mercedes-Benz and other large companies. I know what it takes to create high quality photos and videos for a wide variety of clients and I can’t wait to share my insights with you.

Chris Krüglstein


All-in-One Video Online Course

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