Discussion about the XEEN CF series

John Kang (Global Marketing) with Mark Zdunnek about the new more „compact & flexible“ Carbon Fiber „Xeen CF“ lens series.

Content: Specifications, usability features, comparison to the previous XEEN lenses, market situation and customer expectations.

Interview from IBC 2019

XEEN CF series - Specs & Details (Samyang):
* Available Lenses: 24mm T1.5, 50mm T1.5, 85mm T1.5
* Announced Lenses (2020): 16mm T2.6 & 35mm T1.5
* produced for 8K & Cinematic look
* X-Coating
* 95mm front aperture
* unified aperture ring gear positions
* easily attach lens accessories
* ultra-bright luminous font (for working conveniently in dark environments)
* typically 11 aperture blades
* long rotation angle of the focus ring: 200°
* lens weight (depending on Mount type: PL, EF, E available): approx. 0.9kg - 1.1kg per lens
* …